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Canadian Classic Auto Supply provides a hassle-free experience by eliminating the need for customers to find and travel to purchase parts from the US, saving them valuable time.

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Boulevard Specialty Car Care presents an extensive range of premium automotive care solutions, meticulously crafted to elevate your car's appearance and performance.


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Your Source For Vintage Auto Parts, Body Panels & OTR

  • Your Source for Rare Car Parts

    Unlock the treasure trove of rare car parts with our expertise! With 30 years of experience and a network of trusted US suppliers, we make it easy to find those elusive components for your restoration projects. Say goodbye to endless searches, save both time and money, and trust us to deliver the missing pieces you need.

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  • Your Source For High Quality Body Panels

    Authorized AMD distributor, Canadian Classic Auto Supply offers premium body panels for classic car restorations. Enjoy hassle-free US-Canada shipping and returns, ensuring a smooth and efficient restoration experience.

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  • Truck Calipers Are Now Available!

    Our OTR Collection at Canadian Classic Auto Supply is here! This exciting range includes top-quality calipers and lubricants, specifically designed for the truck market. Stay tuned for the launch of these essential, high-performance products!

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For the past 30 plus years, Lewis Thaw has taken playing with cars very seriously.  His almost biblical knowledge of everything automotive has allowed him to turn a lifetime interest in cars into a successful business.  A well respected car collector with a substantial personal collection, a successful business owner of several enterprises and an exciting relationship with the film industry have made Lewis the go-to contact when it comes to classic cars.  Between his hands on experience of over 30 years of collecting and restoring and his unbelievable list of contacts, Lewis knows what you need to finish that project your working on and where to get the right parts.