Our Team

Lewis Thaw

Co-Founder & CEO

For the past 30 plus years, Lewis Thaw has taken playing with cars very seriously.  His almost biblical knowledge of everything automotive has allowed him to turn a lifetime interest in cars into a successful business.  A well respected car collector with a substantial personal collection, a successful business owner of several enterprises and an exciting relationship with the film industry have made Lewis the go-to contact when it comes to classic cars.  Between his hands on experience of over 30 years of collecting and restoring and his unbelievable list of contacts, Lewis knows what you need to finish that project your working on and where to get the right parts


Gerry Vineberg

Sales & Product Development

While relatively new to the Automotive Industry, I have some 40 years experience in Product Development (durable medical equipment & orthotic footwear & insoles).

Also , Sales experience at all levels with a passion for customer service.

I have known Lewis for 25 years & was thrilled when he asked me to join Canadian Classic Auto Supply in May 2023.

I have been impressed with how nice & friendly people are & impressed with their passion, pride & determination for excellence.

As the Care Care Product Line expands as a part of Canadian Classic, I look forward to meeting as many customers as possible.


Brian Mowatt

Territory Manager - Vancouver Island

Retired firefighter and avid fisherman turned car enthusiast. I find joy in restoring classic cars in my workshop and connecting with fellow gearheads. Leveraging my passion, I've embarked on a new journey with Canadian Classic Auto Supply, blending my love for automotive restoration with a part-time venture in parts supply and sales. Join me in celebrating the fusion of fire service dedication and automotive zeal!


Greg Fielding

I am extremely privileged to be able to bring my 25 plus years in the Automotive Industry, including many years as a parts representative, a shop owner, a Consultant/Trainer and a lifetime of being a huge car enthusiast to Canadian Classic Auto Supply. I am excited for the opportunity to help develop and continue relationships throughout BC and assist in providing the best customer experience possible, while offering as much guidance and assistance that is needed using my extensive knowledge and passion the industry.  I am very excited for the many great things that are happening now, and the many things coming in the near future.


Dudley Jacobsen

Coming Soon!

Let us help you with your restoration project

We have the ability to quickly source key parts for a wide variety of vehicles dating back over a hundred years. We are your invaluable partner when it comes time to find that special part for your project. Let us help you find what you are looking for so you can spend more time enjoying your classic.

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