Nitrolube - Nitro-2000™ “FRICTION MODIFIER”

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Concentrate Engine Formulation

The Best Synthetic Concentrate For Engines and All Oil Dependent Machinery

The NEW……NITRO-2000 Oil formulation is the ultimate lubricant Friction Modifier Enhancer which takes normal lubrication a step further.   Our Synthetic Concentrate molecular formulation not only has superior shear film strength but resists extreme pressure and excessive temperatures by reducing the co-efficient of friction.

It doubles the film strength of a conventional oils molecule by bonding to it but it also rejuvenates your oil for longer lasting power and reducing Friction, Heat, and Wear and provides immediate start-up lubrication.  It Maximizes the life and performance of your engine and oil dependent machines and is fuel and energy efficient. Even with a total loss of oil your engine will remain protected for a substantial amount of time.

The success of conventional lubricating oils is predicated upon maintaining a high film strength oil barrier between two surfaces moving relative to each other. Resistance to the movement of these surfaces is defined as friction, which can be either sliding or rolling or which can be caused by the shearing action of a lubricant attempting to separate the two surfaces. Hydrodynamic, Hydrostatic, and Boundary lubrication typically occur in some combination in virtually all mechanisms which require lubrication and most commercial lubricants are reasonably capable of doing the job for which they are intended. The NITRO-2000 gives you that added protection your engine needs for many more years of service.