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Optimized Car Restoration Parts: For the Discerning Car Enthusiast

Maximize Your Restoration ROI

For those deeply engaged in high-value restoration projects, we understand that every detail counts. At Canadian Classic Auto Supply, we cater to the *true car aficionado*—the one who knows that genuine quality and precision can't be compromised. When it comes to your prized restoration project, every component needs to be top-tier.

Why Choose Canadian Classic Auto Supply?

  1. Curated for Quality: Dive into our handpicked selection of car parts. Every piece aligns perfectly with the needs of your high-value restoration, ensuring an immaculate finish every time.
  2. Time is Money: We recognize your time's value. With our streamlined processes and efficient delivery system, get the best car parts without the international wait. No more hours spent searching or overseas trips for that elusive part.


  3. Expertise at Your Fingertips: Not just parts, but a wealth of knowledge. Tap into our reservoir of expert advice and insights to ensure your restoration project is a resounding success.
  4. Unparalleled Convenience: Skip the hassle of sourcing from the US. With our expansive inventory, find everything you need in one place, delivered right to your door.
  5. Profit-Oriented Approach: As fellow enthusiasts with a keen eye on ROI, we price our parts competitively, ensuring your restoration doesn't just shine, but is also a sound investment.

For the Car Guy with discerning tastes and a keen business acumen, Canadian Classic Auto Supply is more than a parts supplier—we're your restoration partner. Elevate your restoration journey. Choose Canadian Classic Auto Supply.

Experience Is Priceless When It Comes To Vintage Cars

Experience is priceless when it comes to vintage cars.  From what parts are right for your project to which manufacturers are proven to be true to their claims of quality and fit, you can’t rely on everything you read on line.  It takes years of buying parts and installing them to build that knowledge.  Lewis has been in the industry for over 30 years and has had 100’s of vehicles pass though his hands.  This experience has allowed him to build a knowledge bank that is invaluable when it comes time to decide on which parts are best.  Canadian Classic Auto Supply aligns itself with those trusted manufacturers and distributors that have proven themselves over the years.  Let our experience save you time, money and frustration on your project.

A Trusted Partner

It’s one thing to restore the car of your dreams.  It’s another when that car is seen on the big screen in a major motion picture, driven by a star.  The film industry moves at a very rapid pace and there is not often a margin for error.  That’s why many productions over the years have reached out to Lewis to supply the parts for the cars that make the stars shine. His ability to quickly source key parts for a wide variety of vehicles dating back over a hundred years, makes him invaluable when it comes time to find that special part for your project.   Let Lewis help you find what you are looking for so you can spend more time enjoying your classic.

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