Rusted Jurassic Park #29 License Plate

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Step into the world of Jurassic Park once more with our "Rusted" Jurassic Park #29 License Plate. This unique piece replicates the distinctive look of the license plate as it appeared in the 2015 movie Jurassic World, more than two decades after the original Jurassic Park adventure. In the film, this plate is found on Hammond's abandoned Jeep at the original Visitor Center.

Key Features:

Screen Accurate Replica: This license plate is an exact replica of the one seen in Jurassic World, featuring the weathered appearance and colours (white, yellow, black, and red) just as they were in the movie.

Standard USA Plate Dimensions: Measuring 12" x 6", it adheres to standard plate dimensions, making it suitable for various vehicles or as a collector's item.

Metal Stamped and Embossed: Crafted from high-quality metal-stamped, embossed aluminum, this plate offers both authenticity and durability.

Shrink-Wrapped: Each plate is carefully shrink-wrapped to preserve its unique appearance.

While our plates are made from aluminum and won't naturally rust, the "rust" on this plate is screen printed to create the illusion of age and weathering, giving it that genuine, cinematic look. Whether you're a Jurassic Park enthusiast, a movie memorabilia collector, or simply want a unique piece of film history, this "Rusted" Jurassic Park #29 License Plate is a fantastic addition to your collection. Relive the magic of Jurassic World and bring a piece of the park to your world today.