Power Train Booster

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Engineered for Today’s Power-Train Oil Requirements

Reduces Temperature, Friction and Wear
Maximizes Torque and Horsepower
Preserves Power Train life and Performance

Average Reduction:
Friction -48.9%
Temperature -38.7%
Wear -50.7%

Internal combustion engines
Diesel equipment
MANUAL Transmissions ONLY
Differentials and Gear Boxes
Bearings and Bearing Journals
Air Compressors and Pumps
Cooling Systems
Machine Tools
Railroad Equipment
Heavy Duty Off Road Equipment
Farming Machinery
Mining and Smelter Equipment
Golf Equipment

Treats Metal Surfaces without build-up.
Assures Start-up Lubrication
Reduces Operating Temperatures
Reduces Drag and Wear
Reduces Oxidation and Corrosion
Affords Maximum Compression and Horsepower
Fuel Efficient
Environmentally Safe
Cost Effective
Maximizes Machinery Life
Neutralizes acid
Increase tool life (up to 300%)