Optimate 6 Battery Charger

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GOLD Series: OptiMATE 6 Select, the ‘PRO’ choice fully sealed battery charger and maintainer for your 12V lead-acid battery. Delivering 6 charging amps with selectable operation. Features Power Supply mode, to aid in diagnostics and troubleshooting. SAVES from as low as 0.5V with 2-step desulphation recovery.

COMPLETE VOLTAGE CONTROL - Select 14.4V (like TM-181) or 14.7V (For Premium AGM Batteries like Odyssey and Optima).

POWER SUPPLY MODE - Provides stable 13.6V while diagnosing your vehicle.

GET YOUR BATTERY TO WORK - Saves your 12V battery (AGM, Spiral Cell, GEL, STD, Starter, Deep Cycle) when no other charger will work. If Optimate can't save it, nothing will.

FULLY AUTOMATIC - Connect and forget, no more battery problems. Continuous charging if healthy, stops and warns if faulty.

TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION - Voltage adjusted higher when colder, lower when hotter

CHARGE ANY SIZE BATTERY - Ampmatic charge control adjusts charge rate – Small battery gets less; large battery gets more!

LONGER BATTERY LIFE - Provides 24/7 protection by preventing discharge from connected circuitry and guarantees more battery power.

SAVES AND TESTS YOUR FLAT BATTERY - Recovers sulphated batteries from as low as 0.5V.
HIGHLY DURABLE - Fully sealed case to protect against spillage and light rain.