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250 ML

NitroAir Tool Oil is formulated from the highest quality base stocks, technologically advanced.

NITRO-2000 additives for outstanding performance and long equipment life.
Developed for industrial and automotive pneumatic systems with all piston and rotary-type air tools. With its advanced molecular formulation, Nitro Air Tool Oil lubricates, cleans and protects tools.

NitroLube Air Tool lubricant meets original equipment manufacturers specifications. This oil minimizes friction and wear, for increased power, speed, torque and reduced noise of operation.

NitroLube Air Tool Oil is recommended for use in all types of enclosed Air operating systems.

It is suitable for use in:

  • Impact Wrenches, Ratchet Wrenches, Air Nailers, Staplers, Hammers
  • Sanders, Shears Grinders, Polishers, Drills, Screwdrivers, Chisels, Saws, Air Pullers, Paving Breakers
  • Riveters, Tampers, Rock Drills
Features/ Benefits:
  • Formulated with Advanced Technology NITRO-2000
  • Exceptional high temperature thermal and mechanical stability
  • Outstanding extreme pressure performance
  • Excellent rust and oxidation protection for bearings even in humid environments
  • Repels air line moisture & water spray
  • Non-Detergent chemistry to protect mechanisms
  • Very effective ferrous and metal corrosion rust inhibitors
  • Extends air tool life


Enhanced Performance will be noticeable especially on Older Air Tools.