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Revive the Classic 'Love Machine' with the Blue California MUF DVR License Plate!

Take a trip back to the legendary 'Love Machine' from Cheech & Chong's iconic 1978 movie Up in Smoke with the meticulously crafted Blue California MUF DVR License Plate. This license plate is an exact replica, capturing every detail of the screen-accurate plate seen on their unforgettable ride.

Designed with precision and passion, the blue and yellow California license plate style adds an authentic touch to your collection. Crafted from high-quality metal stamped and embossed aluminum, it proudly features standard USA plate dimensions (12" x 6"), ensuring a perfect fit for display.

Preserve the essence of this cult classic with this collector's gem. Please note that while this plate is screen accurate, it's not DMV correct. The real MUF DVR plate is privately owned in California; our plate was produced from the prop used during filming. Each plate is shrink-wrapped to ensure it arrives in impeccable condition, ready to take its place among your cherished memorabilia.

Whether you're a dedicated fan of Up in Smoke or a collector of film history, the Blue California MUF DVR License Plate is a ticket to the wild ride of Cheech & Chong. Relive the laughter, embrace the nostalgia, and showcase your love for the ultimate 'Love Machine.' Get yours today and let the smoky adventure continue!