Jurassic Park #18 License Plate Replica

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Step into the world of dinosaurs and adventure with our Jurassic Park #18 License Plate Replica. This meticulously crafted plate is a homage to the 1993 blockbuster film and a must-have collectable for any Jurassic Park enthusiast.

Key Features:

Screen-Accurate Replica: Our license plate is an exact reproduction of the one seen on the Staff’s Heliport Jeep in the movie Jurassic Park. From the colors to the design, it's as authentic as it gets.

Premium Quality: Crafted from durable, metal-stamped aluminum, this plate is built to last and resist wear and tear. It captures the essence of the original while offering longevity.

Standard USA Dimensions: Measuring 12" x 6", this license plate adheres to standard USA dimensions, making it suitable for display on your vehicle or as a decorative piece.

Collector's Item: Whether you're a die-hard fan of the film or a collector of movie memorabilia, this Jurassic Park #18 License Plate Replica is a unique and cherished addition to your collection.

Great for Display: Perfect for framing, hanging on your wall, or showcasing in your vehicle, this replica plate allows you to display your love for Jurassic Park proudly.

Transport yourself back to the thrilling world of Jurassic Park every time you see this iconic license plate. Whether you're a fan of the film or simply appreciate the craftsmanship of movie props, our Jurassic Park #18 License Plate Replica is a conversation starter and a piece of cinematic history you can own.