Evel Knievel EVEL License Plate

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Revive the Thrills with the Montana EVEL License Plate!

Step into the world of the legendary daredevil, Evel Knievel, with the meticulously crafted Montana EVEL License Plate. This license plate is an exact replica as seen on Evel Knievel's fleet of support vehicles, including his personal truck, R/V, and dressing room.

Evel Knievel's stunts, from Snake River to Caesars Palace, are etched in the annals of daredevil history. As you watch old videos of Evel's jaw-dropping feats, you'll often spot him emerging from his 1974 Mack Motor Home, a rolling museum to his legacy. This truck, recently restored to its former glory, proudly displays the Montana EVEL license plate. You might also catch glimpses of it on Evel's Cadillac, adding an extra layer of mystique to this piece of memorabilia.

What sets this Montana EVEL License Plate apart is its unique debossed design. In 1975, the state of Montana produced license plates in this distinct style, with all the white parts of the plate pressed inward, creating a textured look that sets it apart from traditional embossed plates.

Crafted from high-quality metal stamped and debossed aluminum, it proudly features standard USA plate dimensions (12" x 6"), ensuring a perfect fit for display.

Preserve the essence of Evel Knievel's fearless spirit with this collector's gem. Each plate is shrink-wrapped to ensure it arrives in impeccable condition, ready to take its place among your cherished memorabilia.

Whether you're a devoted fan of Evel Knievel or a collector of daredevil history, the Montana EVEL License Plate is a tribute to the fearless feats and indomitable spirit of this iconic daredevil. Capture the excitement, embrace the legacy, and showcase your love for Evel Knievel's legendary career. Get yours today and relive the thrills!